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"For me, writing has always been a spiritual dance. There is a cadence to the written word, to the way a story ebbs and flows. If certain words do not seamlessly embrace one another for the good of the tale, it is my job to find them other partners."

"All the world ‘s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts." (As You Like It)  Shakespeare

Play Scripts Available for Production

Is your theater looking for that perfect script for your next production?  Below is a list of scripts (both full-length and shorter plays) which have received full productions by community theater groups and have received excellent reviews!  These plays appeal to an audience of any age, so the entire family can enjoy live theater! Simply click on a title for more information.

What happens when a young couple breaks ground for a swimming pool in their backyard (for which they neglected to get a building permit) and discover a skull?  A classic (and hilarious!) 'who done it' mystery is born!
For centuries, theologians have struggled with the concept of animals in heaven.  When Laverne, a new angel,  receives his very first assignment, an uproar ensues when he’s asked to bring in heaven’s very, first dog!  Will he pull it off, or will the FARTS (First Angelic Realm To Serve) vote down the addition of canines to heaven’s scenes?  If you’ve ever enjoyed the companionship of an animal, or marveled at real-life stories of animal heroes, this play is for you!
Take a dysfunctional family—toss in holiday stress, a new house, and too many secrets—and what do you get?  A Thanksgiving (and a play) you won't soon forget!
If a Victorian house could talk, what adventures, sorrows, and joys would it share?  Take a journey back in time and see life through the eyes of just such a house (and the unique—and entertaining—people who have called it home).
Albert, an elderly widower, decides to try and fill his empty hours by taking up writing . . . but a nosy neighbor, a ‘hot-to-trot’ church lady, and concerned family members all have other plans for him!
Mr. Howard is dying, but no one will miss him (except, perhaps, for the devil who is camped out at the nurse’s station waiting to claim his soul.)  But Satan is about to get more than he bargained for—from the nurses, the hospital chaplains, and an elderly cleaning lady who finds him simply adorable!
His approaching 'make or break' sales presentation and his daughter's impending wedding are more than Robert can handle.  Add a mystical ring that changes the gender perspective of whoever wears it—and have it get stuck on Robert's finger—and comedy abounds!
A long-absent husband returns to his wife and their hobby farm, only to be murdered the very next day. The list of suspects includes the wife, the neighbor, the family attorney, the wife’s childhood friend, and a simple-minded farmhand. This fast-paced murder mystery, with all the twists and turns of a classic Perry Mason episode, will keep you guessing until the very end. But whomever the murderer turns out to be, the old saying remains true. ‘You can never go home.’
"Adamantine" debuted in Oconto in 1993 and went on to be performed by Love Creek Productions in New York City in 1996.  When it comes to love and letting go, at what point is there no chance for a second chance? 
"Double Engagement": in this comedy, two strangers meet in a coffee shop and soon become convinced that they are engaged to the same man. 
"Clean Linen", was the featured ten-minute play for Atlantic Stages 3rd Annual 'New Voices Playfest' in 2014.  It is a glimpse into love--into holding on and letting go, and realizing that the heart will forever have a mind of its own.


At what point is there 'no' chance for a 'second' chance?  When can we be certain that it's time to let go—time to move on?  At what point, if any, does love truly die?
This play was a finalist in a national competition and was performed in NYC by Love Creek Productions in 1995.
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